New York City Vet Specialist Clinic


Location          Manhattan, New York

Type                  Healthcare

Size                   20,885 Sq Ft

Date                  2006

Design Architect:  Charles Lauster Architect, PC

The building is the largest animal surgery clinic in New York City. It has examination rooms, preparation areas, surgery suites, doctor offices, and lounges for pet owners within 17,000 square feet of space. Within the clinic, various medical imaging equipment such as MRI, CAT scan, and X-ray machines are placed.

The building is on two levels; ground floor reception area with glass entrance, and the lower floor with examination and administration portion of the clinic.

The design concept on the main floor provides a light and airy feel for the visitors, as well as creating the visual connection to people passing by the clinic. This visual connection approach also responds to the overall programming requirements for the reception area; visual contact among the staff for quick reactions and overall control of operations.