Glenavy House


Location          Toronto, Ontario

Type                  Residential Renovation

Size                   120 Sq Ft

Date                  2008

Originally a small kitchen dating from the 70s, the client wanted the space to feel less “stuffy” without knocking down any walls. Normally, the easiest solution would have been to knock down the wall separating the kitchen and the adjacent dining room to create a larger space, but due to the request of the client to preserve existing walls, a different creative approach was taken instead.

Given the unique relationship of light and windows in suggesting larger spaces, more prominence was given to the window on the west wall by updating and emphasizing the frame around it. The finishing was also changed to a light, polished surface using 3×6 sky colored glass tiles as backsplash. It wrapped around all the walls, creating an open and continuous space.

By simply opening up the kitchen space, the whole house, in turn began to look and feel more airy, spacious, and expansive.