How interior designer, Ania Trica works and lives her design infused life

Ania Trica from Trica Design Studio is the type of person who does not only works in a design industry, but also lives and breaths design life.  She was introduced to our office through her passion for making jewelry initially, and we learned that she was an  interior designer who had different design interest.  She serves as one of our contributors to Life Outside of Design Studio and shares her advice and passion for our readers.  See what she likes and why she does not want to be called as an Interior Decorator.

Hi there, my name is Ania Trica, I’ve been contributing to interior design sections on Life Outside of Design Studio starting this May 2017, however, I haven’t introduced myself to here, so before you take anything I write more seriously, I would like to let you know who I am and a little bit about my background.


What is Interior Architect?

I’m an interior designer working in Toronto and the GTA area, but I like to call myself an interior architect, because although I’m not an “architect” like Onah, interior design, the way I practice it, is about building and creating a beautiful interior while being aware of the physical constraints such as columns, ceiling heights and other structural elements in a space. I’m not in the business of decorating, and this is where many people confuse interior designers with interior decorators, so there you have it, my little rant on the distinction, and I hope it helped you if you didn’t already know there was even a differen

 “Many people confuse interior designers with interior decorators”




What did you do before starting your interior design firm?

I’ve been in the interior design industry for 7 years (I graduated from the interior design program at Sheridan College) and I have mainly worked on commercial projects: hospitality, retail and office, but I have also done residential work: home renovations and condominium design. I absolutely love small scale hospitality design, I’m a very creative, artistic and a construction/building oriented designer.

Hospitality design caters to my interests and skills. I have worked for some amazing interior design firms such as Studio Munge, Dialogue 38 and figure3, where I learned a great deal about creating beautiful spaces that reflect a brand, strategy and of course; the function of a space.  


“I’m a big foody and I love to eat and cook, so I think this is also why I love hospitality design so much, as food is just as much a part of the atmosphere as the service and the design.”


Currently, I own my own business trica design studio , and  I do my own renderings and drawings for clients, my business is multi-disciplinary, and I am involved in all aspects of the design from consultations, planning, concept, drawings, to construction and project management.

I’m a big art geek, since childhood I have been enrolled in art lessons and previous to pursuing interior design I went to the University of Toronto where I studied history, politics and fine art history.  I loved fine art history the most and I think my love for design sprung out of my introduction to the history of art and architecture (I still get nostalgic over my fine art history lectures –  listening to the comforting voice of the professor in a dark room, while images of paintings, artists and buildings are displayed on the projector….it was awesome).


What is your design style?

It’s always changing, but if you want to know please check out my Pinterest page, warning, I PIN A LOT, so I am sorry for the overload of images in advance! I tend to be drawn to a modern style that focuses on function, geometry,  and materiality. I love modernist (mid-century modern), and post modernist design and architecture. If you don’t know what any of this means I’ll say it simply; I like simple shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles), natural materials and design/objects that function well in a space. Although I appreciate classical styles and I do think that mixing traditional elements add class and a certain timelessness, it really does depend on the aesthetic and the mood I am trying to achieve with a project.


What people don’t know about you?

I dabble with graphic design, painting, sketching, and making small sculptures, and I’m almost always crafting or making something in the house.  You already know about my jewellery design obsession!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned a little bit about me and design process.  If you have any other questions for me or if I missed something please let me know by posting comments, I would love to hear from you!