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The post is written by our very own interior design contributor, Ania Trica.  Here are the expert opinions on all things kitchen countertops.

Why hello there! my name is Ania Trica, I’m an interior designer, Trica Design Studio  based in Toronto.   I’m a new contributor to Onah’s fabulous blog.  I’ll be contributing to the interior design category, and I’m happy to share little design tid-bits, stories and advice.  Let me know if you have questions, comments, objections (hope not too many) on this blog, and I can respond to you.

Glam Design

I like sparkles in moderation, and shiny things are indeed pretty, but why is it that when someone says “glam” we associate this word with sparkles, shine and BRIGHT colours!….maybe it’s just me?

Glam design to me is when there is harmony in an interior; everything takes up the right amount of space, the shapes within the space are interesting, the materials chosen are of high quality and go very well together and lastly when the craftsmanship is perfect.  Glam design makes me gasp… that’s glam to me.

Photo by Dwell

So about making your kitchen glam

A gorgeous kitchen countertop can truly elevate the look of your kitchen.  In the past years quartz has been a favorite due to its low-maintenance and non-porous nature. Recently, however home owners are moving towards natural stone because, honestly… nothing beats the real thing and it looks amazing!  There is a fear associated with natural stone as it is prone to stains and scratches, but if you take good care of your natural stone slab, like you would anyways and seal it  well, your natural stone slab will last you years.

Photo by Mimi Design

Quartzite and Granite and my favorite – right now

My picks for kitchen countertops at the moment are quartzite and granite.  Both of these are natural stones with a similar hardness, you will need to seal them once they are installed, and the best part is; they look like the real thing (natural stone) because they are the real thing!

3  Photo by folnalynch  

Quartzite and granite come in a variety of colours and both of these materials perform well in a kitchen.  Quartzite can look very similar Carrara marble and neat looking granite is also appearing on the market, the granite that I’m talking about does not look like the granite you saw installed everywhere in the 90s (speckled brown and tacky!)

Photo by gardenweb

Yep this is quartzite, it looks like marble right?


OMG!  And check out the veining in this granite slab!

Getting started

You don’t have to take my advice, but do your homework when selecting a natural stone countertop, or any other countertop.  The best way to selecting your dream countertop starts with visiting your local suppliers to see and touch all the options.  I start with going to Ciot  or Crystal Tile Marble  they have gorgeous stuff!  Good luck!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 
Life Outside of Design Studio and has been updated for accuracy and completeness.

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