3 Things I Learned in a Day in Rome

“I am still learning.”

Michelangelo, an Italian polymath, who painted the famous “Creation Of Adam”  had said this at age 87. It is without a doubt that all of us learn something new every day, whether we notice it or not is a different story.

I am determined to exemplify this within my daily life and I invite all of you to do the same! Here is my day and my lessons…

October 29, 2016

7:40 am – Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast

8:00 am – Walk to Piazza Trilussa. (My class meets here for field trips to get on the bus).

9:00 am Arrive to our first stop: Jubilee Church. A modern take on Roman churches. We have an hour to sketch!


Photo courtesy of Richard Meier Architects .


10:00 am -This day is occupied by a lot of bus time. But bus time is book time.

10:30 am – We arrive to our second stop: Corviale. one kilometer long suburban building. We get more time for this massive structure. Hard to sketch here because there a lot of its inhabitants looking at 60 students looking back at them.


To get a sense of how dense this urban project is… the floor plans of this structure.


A gloomy look down to a forgotten courtyard.

12:00 pm – We arrive to our third stop: Palazzo Della Civilta del Lavoro. 


12:40 pm – By this time I was so hungry, I actually opted for a quick meal in Mcdonalds.

2:00 pm – It was back on the bus and headed back to Trastevere.

3:00 pm – Back in Rome, and obviously, we head to studio to work. Luckily with such a great view we managed to catch  a show.



7:00 pm – Finally dinner! With such  a long day, I forewent my student budget and decided to eat out.


the day in review…

  1. Modern architecture does exist in Rome. As seen in Jubilee Church, the first stop, it is evident that traditional values of religion play a large role in influencing modern works.  On my third stop, the building uses a traditional motif (the arches) on to a modern day building was interesting to see in Rome. I almost felt I wasn’t in Rome anymore!
  2. Have a critical eye- especially in architecture,  I relate the buildings to an imaginary floor plan in my head, but on the second stop, I could barely grasp the size of it!
  3. Treat yourself! Especially after such a long day of school and homework, all it takes to rejuvenate could be a meal away from a screen.

What kind of lessons do you learn in your daily life? Leave a comment below!