Website Announcement

A refreshing change is underway for Studio Jonah with this brand new website!

Feel free to try out the interface and explore new features including a more in-depth look into the company and our design values. A News section has been added, with updates on Studio Jonah’s projects and community involvement. The News section is a more personal look at what has been happening with the company including insights and background information on projects and current events. With frequent updates, hopes for the News are to bring the reality of architectural projects to the realm of the everyday patron.

Additionally, take a look at past projects Studio Jonah and principal architect Onah Jung has been involved with. The new index of projects is a quick way to view the direction the company aims for. This includes a focus on Sustainability and Urban Design.

As Studio Jonah grows, this website will continue to keep track of its achievements. These checkpoints will undoubtedly create a colourful collection of references, not only for the company but for anybody with interests in the vast field of architecture.