Studio Jonah Newsletter | November 2016






Featured Project

Miami Floating Stage


Waterfront in Toronto is one of the most appreciated places by Torontonians, for its excellent urban design and innovative sustainable development. Explore the Miami Floating Stage proposed for the Virginia Key Beach, the environmental initiative and economical opportunity for Miami.


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How we work: Focus on Added Values


A conventional definition of architect as a designer of building is no longer relevant.
As one of the past clients approached for unique consultation request and future project, we asked ourselves: How can architects add values to clients on top of their traditional architectural services?


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Life outside of Architecture Studio

How I lived in Sweden VS. How I live in Rome


Studying abroad widens your horizons not only in understanding the impacts of different cultures and lifestyles on design, but also learning urban fabrics and architectural typologies of the city. Follow Crystal, our own Studio Jonah intern, on her journey in Lund and Trastevere!


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