Six Point Road


Location          Toronto, Ontario

Type                  Office Renovation

Size                   8,131 Sq Ft

Date                  2010

We were approached by an engineering firm headquartered in two small rectangular buildings separated by an empty lot in an industrial area. The buildings were being used for office space and equipment storage, but over the years the need for additional office space had grown tremendously as the firm grew. Due to the physical division between the two buildings, communication and collaboration were difficult at times, but the outdoor space still provided a recreational space nonetheless.

In approaching the renovation, we wanted to both preserve the outdoor space while connecting the two buildings. The new design, highly visible from Six Point Road connects the two building using a glass walled section used as both a reception and office space. Meanwhile, the introduction of a green roof not only acts as an insulator and reduced energy needed for climate control, it also provides an outdoor recreational area.

The design is visually strong as it is highly prominent in the industrial setting, unites the two separate buildings, and brings the people, nature, and surroundings together.