Home for Thought, to be Bought

The best architects listen. Listen to the needs vocally expressed by the client but more importantly, catching the desires implicit within. While providing design solutions for their needs and desires, we mix in our own flare which clearly delineates architecture from mere ‘building.’

Studio Jonah’s Woodbine Avenue Renovation Project, the first comprehensive development project for the firm, went beyond listening to and envisioning a design to suit the client, but also one that would appeal to prospective future buyers.

The client, hoping to sell after the renovation, gave Studio Jonah full reign for the project.

Spaces and materials were methodically considered, the remembrance of budget was constantly present, and furniture and decor were chosen to celebrate both. The valued privacy of the backyard was accentuated with a spacious deck, giving the space whole new potential.

The Woodbine Avenue project had to be thought out in a way that would satisfy the current owners while also leaving enough possibility and personality for the future owners. Through all stages of initial design, construction, and interiors, it was a project of full dedication where aesthetic consideration was coupled with a business drive.

A home is always a sensitive area to design, especially when one does not know who the future owners will be. However, taking this element of mystery into account and also keeping track of a wide berth of elements, it was a rewarding project to develop.