Year in Review: 2016

Every year starts with goals and resolutions, and this year was no different. At the beginning of this year, we’ve set up certain goals at Studio Jonah to produce greater works, improve communication with clients, and achieve more and beyond. Now the end is almost here, we can gladly say it’s been a fruitful year!  


1) Award Submission

Herman Avenue

Herman Avenue was a milestone of 2016, the renovation project that has challenged us, and yet taught us insightful lessons about renovation project and what we can do differently or better. When you accomplish something incredible, you like to share with friends and community. So do we! We thrive to produce great works and love to share our projects and achievement, and that’s why we submit for award to recognise excellence in design


Herman Avenue

In this competitive world of architecture, however, not everyone can be winners, and we know, rejection stings. However, instead of feeling disappointed and discouraged, we consider it as a lesson and motivation to improve and perform better! Follow us along our journey and watch for more projects on the way.


2) Newsletter Launch

ideaThe Birth of Studio Jonah Monthly Newsletter in 2016

One of many achievements of the year is the launching of Studio Jonah Monthly Newsletter. After couple years of searching, studying and planning, our aspiration to share more insights and stories about Studio Jonah with our audience has finally realised its fruition. Our newsletter not only showcases featured project of the month, it also reminds you of the articles from both Studio Jonah Blog and Life Outside of Architecture Studio, in case you missed them. If you haven’t signed up yet for our awesome newsletter, you are missing out! Sign up here.


We’ve received positive feedback from friends and clients, and would love to hear more from you if you’d like to share ideas, collaborate or contribute. 


Proposed Toronto Rail Deck Park — Read our blog about it

2016 has been a phenomenal and eventful year in Toronto and worldwide. We hope for a more remarkable year and wish everyone a happy holiday with family and friends. Cheers to 2017!