The High-Class Vibe Evaluated by The Emptiness of The Space

Pure minimalism has become the favorite design temperament of many designers around the world. They are pure, natural, rustic, and artistic.

Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen is known for his minimalist style. He set up his own office in 1990 and has since flourished in the fields of interior design and architecture.

Vincent Van Duysen is good at conveying clear and intuitive information in space through simple and clear shapes. His principles include functionalism, human thinking, and the limitation of color, as well as his emphasis on “space left blank”, when the space is left blank, the high sense of his work comes out naturally.

For example, KKW Residence, which he completed the year before last, clearly shows this principle.

I have selected a few works of him over the years, including residential space, commercial space, and office space, and share them with you.

C Penthouse

The concept of C Penthouse was to create an “urban loft” that retained the original nature of the building while incorporating complete decor and comfort. The two most important materials in the project are concrete and wood, which are used for the ceiling and various furniture furnishings respectively.

The entire interior space is inspired by the abstract and sculptural works of Belgian cubist painter Georges Vantongerloo (1886-1965). By reducing form and color, the designers extracted pure environmental qualities.

The walls and floors are all finished with the same material and to a strict standard of detail to maintain the textured clear appearance. At the same time, the whole space presents a gray tone, with wood, metal, and concrete being the most prominent materials.

The living room and dining room are linked together, the union becomes an open space. Some wood furniture in the gray tone is particularly prominent in the space, suggesting that people who use these chairs occupy the most important purpose in the space. In the bedroom, the material choice for the walls and ceiling was changed to warmer wood compared to other spaces, creating a warm resting space.

At the same time, the pattern of wood and the texture of gray metope form echo and contrast, so that the space has more sense of change, not monotonous.

DRD Apartment

The apartment is small in size but has been designed to maximize the sense of space and function.

The flooring and furniture materials are very fresh colors and match each other to make the space very clean.

WM Apartment

This is a three-story apartment, and various materials are spread out in a large area in the space, which is also very coherent between different spaces.

There is no furniture, but the walls, floor, ceiling, and even the porch are filled with unique details. And metal materials have a very unique sense of delicacy.

I really enjoy these extreme lines, clear abstraction, and structure. Hope you enjoy these amazing designs too.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in Life Outside of Design Studio and has been updated for accuracy and completeness.

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