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  • Who is responsible: The OMB or City?

    There is not a single week that goes by without having any news about condo developments happening and being proposed in Toronto. We’ve reached the point where questions like whether this is a matter of supply and demand have emerged and words like ‘housing bubble’ or ‘housing crisis’ are starting to hover around us. But…

  • How we work: Focus on Added Values

    One casual day of April, one of our past clients of Studio Jonah approached us with an unusual, unique mission: to assist her to choose the right condo unit to purchase. Often, potential clients’ request for help starts like “I have a project in mind. What is your fee (all in one sentence)?”, but this…

  • Renovation: Problem-solving

    Renovation is an intriguing concept. Once a “good” design solution becomes a problem over time, whether an issue rises from an outdated building system or simply a change of mind. Surely, it’s often more complicated than that and there are other social and economic influences. What are some unique renovation solutions for existing problems?

  • Condos, Condos, Condos

    We’ve heard enough; in fact we’ve seen enough too. With the rapid densification and developments in Toronto, the housing demand keeps on rising and so do the condo towers. If you have been keeping your eyes on recent condo trends in Toronto, you’d notice these three significant, recurrent patterns.