Art Installations in Fashion Shows

In the last blog, I talked about the architectures at Fashion Show. When I was browsing the archives of this year’s fashion shows. I also found a lot of beautiful art installation projects, one of them is from the marvelous AMO, which is the research and design studio of the OMA architecture firm.

Louis Vuitton x Axe Majueur

Louis Vuitton’s latest early spring show was held at Axe Majueur in Sergi-Pontoise, a suburb of Paris. Axe Majuer, which means “axis” in French, is one of the newest Internet celebrities to hit the axe majuer, designed by Israeli sculptor and landscape artist Dani Karavan

From 1980 to the present, the 3.2km project consists of twelve parts, including a Leaning Tower, a monument Valley of twelve columns, a pedestrian bridge, and an island, which is the perfect combination of art and urban landscape. 

“I see this axis as if it were a succession of doors leading,” said Creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere. In the same way, the bridge selected by Louis Vuitton for the show represents a more abstract meaning. It leads to a utopia full of unknown and uncertainty, just as Nicolas said that time and space are mixed or confused. The central axis of this time has the indifference of urban steel and cement, but also the avant-garde modern sense of the future. And those timeless Louis Vuitton ladies who move from scene to scene are perfectly attuned to their surroundings.

Thom Browne x Northern New Mexico

Thom Browne’s spring/summer menswear show takes place in the broad flatlands of Northern New Mexico. There is only one model, a marathon runner, who takes heaven as his seat, conducting a lonely fashion monologue in a wide space. He walks and runs from dawn to dusk, always on the road. The landscape along the way, even the monotonous sky, and meadows is magnificent and vibrant with white clouds and yellow wildflowers.

This may be a metaphor for the current environment. When we stop to look at the scenery along the way, the picture like mountains and rivers and rivers becomes meaningful. Thom Browne’s video for the fashion show is so full of poetic beauty that you’ll be in the same mood as its title, “Looking Forward to Tomorrow,” and feel good about the journey ahead. That may be the point of travel, to go somewhere else, to escape, to discover a new continent, or simply to let your thoughts drift thousands of miles away.

Prada x Sardinia

Prada takes us on a summer retreat to the Italian island of Sardinia.

On the white sand beach, there are several rectangular panels as bright as the sun. They also create a utopian surreal island for the models in the clear water.

The installation, also created by AMO Architecture Firm, takes us to the beautiful waters of The island of Sardinia.

Not only is the water blue and clear, but it’s just a short red tunnel away from the real world.

Fashion and installation often inspire each other. I love to find charming architecture, installation, and site design in fashion shows. The designers created extreme beauty to coordinate the clothes. I will keep writing these amazing fashion show sites. This article would be the end of my architecture archive of this season’s fashion shows. See you next season!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in Life Outside of Design Studio and has been updated for accuracy and completeness.

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