3 Must Know Furniture & Home Décor Brands If You Are Design/Architecture Student usm

3 Must-Know Furniture & Home Décor Brands If You Are Design/Architecture Student

After finishing my blog The 3 New Trends, Modern and Fun Furniture & Home Décor Brands You Should Know, I can not stop myself from searching for more amazing designs. I found 3 more brands that have more sense of architecture. I have seen them often throughout my university years. I wish I can have the money to purchase them and have the space to place them.


Meuble USM Pop – Salle à manger 6 trames, 5 couleurs

If you’re a fan of Bauhaus, you should not miss the Swiss furnishing brand USM, which has been a family-owned business since it was founded in 1885. Metal plate, chrome-plated steel tube, spherical joint, abandon redundant decoration, bright lines, the overall looks simple and neat. Useful yet beautiful, it was added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2001. Modular furniture is also the brand philosophy, so we don’t have to worry about installation even if it’s huge, and we can change the layout when we’re tired of looking at it, like we’re playing big Lego. The USM is mainly composed of three primary colors, so many people also say that the assembly has a sense of both vision like Mondrian’s “Red, Blue and Yellow Composition”. The color full of tension also sends the “silk-like” warmth for the space. The most wonderful is its power functionality, we can treat it as ark, serve it as table, chair and so on. It can be easily found in all kinds of flower shops, buyer shops and fashion shops.


Design Within Reach is a home furnishing retailer owned by Herman Miller. The most influencing design would be its “Story Bookcase” by Stockholm-based design studio Afteroom, so it has a Nordic simplicity and utility. It occupies a very small area, and every partition has a rotating function, so even in a narrow space, it can be a perfect place to store all kinds of books and objects, while meeting the needs of people to re-creative bookshelves. The tubular frame is coining again style of Bauhaus, the combination of convention and contemporary confluence.

You can treat it as a bookshelf already or the adornment that give the design feeling for the home. I believe this is the true furniture which can change its use according to the owner’s needs.

We do not need to worry about collapsing because it has the solid metal base, and it is very easy to assemble, even for those with poor hands.


You must seen this transparent chair before and maybe you do not know its name. It is by Italian brand Kartell. It is a veritable “Instagram” furniture maker. One of the most popular is definitely the Ghost Chair, designed by French ghost designer Philippe Starck for Kartell. The whole piece of chair does not have a join point, and the color pattern of follow-up design is numerous, suit to use to adjust spatial atmosphere very much.

Its inspiration comes from the palace chair of Louis 16, retains the original outline, the designer uses contemporary gimme to reproduce baroque style, even it is exuding the sense of science and technology, it also hard to cover its amorous taste of the French romance.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in Life Outside of Design Studio and has been updated for accuracy and completeness.

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